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A trio accused of casting spells on their victims before robbing them were on Friday arrested in Calabar after a recent victim identified them and raised alarm.

The trio was arrested at Etta Agbor after being trailed from Ekpo Abasi with the driver of the victim who was aware of the narrative, explaining it to this reporter.

The driver who declined mentioning his name said: “I have a friend I used to carry; two days ago she had a load that was sent to her from Ogoja. So she called me to come and assist her carry the load from Ogoja Park at Ettah Agbor. I told her no; that the distance I was, was far from where the park is.

“I said so because she told me that the vehicle wanted to go back to Ogoja immediately, so I should rush so that the driver can go back on time. I told her I will not be able to meet up on time, she can go because she works somewhere along Marian; if she can take a taxi from that very point to the park she said okay she will do that.

“She boarded the taxi while I was at Highway going to Watt, while I got to Watt, I tried her number so that I can locate her, her number was no longer going through. I tried her mother’s number and she said her daughter’s number was also not going through. I got to the park and I didn’t see her but I saw the load and I got the load from the driver.

“Towards evening, I had a strange number in my phone calling, I picked and it was her voice and I asked her where she had been all this while? And she said I should come to that same park. When I got to the park behold she looked very weak and frustrated and I asked her what’s the problem? She said the vehicle she boarded to Ettah Agbor, she had suffered inside the vehicle. That inside the vehicle they charmed her, the people she met inside the vehicle were only men, one of them picked sand inside the vehicle and touched her. The moment they touched her, they collected her phone, then they started ordering her to go and bring money, she could not shout, they moment she realized and opened the door, they blocked the door and they started threatening her that any attempt to open her mouth, she will die.

“She could not say anything whatsoever. They ordered her to go to the house and bring money. All the money on her they collected it. She went to the house collected ATM card, withdrew all the money she had even when her mother asked her where she was going to, she could not say anything even her mistress money she gave to them. It was after some hours after they dropped her that she realized herself and could not trace their whereabouts again but said she can recognize the vehicle and their driver and can recognize him any day any time.”

According to the narrator, they took it upon themselves (he and the victim) to go in search of the perpetrators. He said after two days of driving through the streets of Calabar to no avail, the victim spotted the men at Ekpo Abasi and tracked them to Ettah Agbor where they raised alarm and the ‘magicians’ were apprehended and handed over to the police.

More details later…

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