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Sometimes, this is shrouded in obscurity but fathers have proven to be the greatest heart breakers of their sons heart than any woman would ever be, the way most father's wreck the hearts of their sons sometimes I ask myself and say; this man who is a father, he was once young as this his son. Would he have appreciated it if his own father treated him the way his currently treating his son?...

Most times I hear that most father's see their sons as threats, threats to what? their authority and respect in their homes?, Nonsense! I'd tell us the real truth, if a father can desist from treating their sons so irrationally and show them more love like mothers do, their sons will see them as gods, their sons will literally worship them without being asked to, that father will earn so much respect from their male children that even in their old age, their male children will keep doing everything possible to make sure that their father is in perfect condition and in good health. If fathers truly are as wise as they all claim to be and say they are, they will head to this advice and seize treating their male children as though they weren't the ones who gave birth to them. 

Thank you...

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