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Dear married women, there is no happiness than being married with a Pius partner.

Always say thank you Lord for a darling husband God has blessed you with. 

Appreciate your husband effort.

Thank him for completing your half deem. Thank him for  making you the queen of his empire.

Tell him you love him. Tell him he is your happiness. Tell him he is your king.

He deserves your prayers. So pray for him always. He needs your love and care. He needs your companionship. He needs your warm hug.

Do not forget to wake him up for prayers.Do not forget to cook his favourite dishes for him. Do not forget to dress him up as you used to when you were newly married. Do not forget to satisfy him as ordained and instructed.

And do not forget that he is a human being who is bound to make mistakes. So forgive him unconditionally and wholeheartedly.


May God bless all marriages and make it easier for those searching for soul mates Amen.

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