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The perfect moment every body works so persistently to achieve in life is to have a unique and positive relationship. Having a good and supportive relationship is enriched with the possibility of giving you a healthy, satisfied and successful life.

This article will teach you on how you can build a good lasting relationship. Below are some helpful tips to support you in developing a positive and healthy relationship in all aspect of life

1. Develop the empathy Habit

The word empathy is the ability for you to substitute yourself to experiencing the feelings and thoughts of others. Reading another person’s inner state of mind and understanding it will assist you in interpreting the situation in such a way that will enable you to support the person and help him/her out without misjudging and crossing the limit of friendship. Practicing empathy in relationship will develop mutual trust in the relationship.

2. Always give Listening ear

One of the most suitable way to boost someone else self-esteem is by giving a listening ear.It makes the other person feel valued and respected. This practice requires you to be attentive when someone else is expressing his/her thoughts without cutting them off. Wait till they are done before telling them your opinion or advice. This practice has the possibility of averting argument in a relationship.

3. Ignore and accept differences

There is no benefit in keeping tracks of differences in a relationship. Relationship is not a game and scores should not be kept on the activities that occur in a relationship. To build a good relationship learn to ignore and overlook your differences; don't always expect something in return for what you are giving out. Accept the differences and don't make any body around you feel inferior; instead give them the impression that there are things they are also better at doing than you. This practice is profound to eliminate jealousy and grudges and promote good relationship.

4.Trust more and eliminate doubt

Trust happens to be one of the most important factor in building a good relationship. Trust is the ability of having confidence on something/someone without suspicion or doubt. Trust is the bedrock of a good relationship, so by eliminating doubts and building more trust is a better way of projecting a sign of respect. Supporting a friend will not only make you best of friends but it will also develop a sense of encouragement for them to strive to prove their worth.

5. Always acknowledge your wrong deeds

Only 10% of humans have the courage and sincerity to acknowledge their wrong deeds before someone else notice and interfere. Have you ever imagined how it will feel like when friend apologies and acknowledge his wrong deeds before you even discover them? Always acknowledge your wrong deeds and apologize. This practice projects the impression that you are not hiding anything from your friend and it promote a good relationship.

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